What to wear for your photo shoot

It can be a daunting task deciding what to wear for your photo shoot!

February 28, 2017 | 7:29 am

Every now and then, our clients ask us about what to wear for their photo shoot. We thought of compiling a list that can help you put together that picture-perfect outfit.

Of course, each photo shoot differs from the other, however, here are some ideas that will help you put together the winning outfit for any photo shoot.

Be comfy- This is the first thing we tell all our clients. Don’t wear something that is too tight, too large, too skimpy, etc. Wear comfortable and well-fitted clothes as they will allow you to pose better. Your photo shoot will take at least an hour, so you might as well be in comfortable clothing.

wear comfortable clothing

Avoid loud colours and bold patterns- You want to have focus on yourself or your family in the photos and not on the colours and patterns of your clothes. So, try not to go for loud colours and bold patterns, and don’t have everyone in different colours and patterns. Keep it simple.

wear matching colours family photo

Dress to suit the location of the shoot- Your outfits should be in sync with the place of the shoot. Think about the backdrop and pick your outfit. As we mentioned above, be comfortable. You don’t want to wear heels for a beach shoot.

wear suitable outfits location family photo

Keep options ready- It is always a good idea to keep some options handy with you the day of the shoot. This will give you a variety in the pics, and you will get a break between shots for a quick change. Just let your photographer know prior so that she can arrange for a suitable place to change your outfits.

Even layering is another excellent idea here. Wear those accessories, jewellery, jackets, hats, cardigan, scarves, etc. Basically, wear anything that will bring out your personality more in the pics.

Don’t match but do coordinate- This is especially important if it is a family photo shoot. When the whole family tries to match the other, it may not look as good in the resulting picture. So, the best way is to coordinate each other’s outfits so that you complement each other.

wear coordinating colours family photo

Shoes matter- This may sound bizarre, but shoes do matter as well. Every detail counts in the final look. So, in a hurry don’t wear your everyday shoes and go for the photo shoot. Keep them ready while you are planning your outfit. It’s also often nice to have everyone in bare feet if it suits the location.

We hope this article helped you in getting your outfit together for any photo shoot in the future. Don’t forget to wear your smile with your perfect outfit and you are sure to have the most memorable photo shoot to last you a lifetime.

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