Top 10 Tips for Wedding Photos & Video

The Address Downtown Dubai hosted a fantastic Wedding Fair

October 8, 2015 | 8:36 am

The Address Downtown Dubai opened it’s doors and welcomed The Studio to participate in their annual Wedding Fair. The hotels Symphony ballroom was converted to showcase some of best wedding professionals in the UAE. The atmosphere was relaxed, glamourous and busy – everyone loved our Selfie Box!

We shared our Top 10 Tips for Wedding Photography and Videography

1. Details:
Thinking about the shots that really matter is so important in the pre-planning stages of a wedding.  This allows the photographer or videographer to capture exactly the right details, especially with so much going on at the same time during the course of the day! We recommend a ‘detail’ checklist so that nothing, like the magnificent dress, the beautiful shoes, sparkling rings, glorious pretty flowers etc., is missed.


2. The Famous Couple Shot:
Lots of brides love the more posed romantic shots, but increasingly couples are adding a few quirky elements into these too. They ask for natural pictures of the bridal party enjoying themselves. Groomsmen could be wearing fun, coloured socks or comical T-shirts under their wedding shirts or bridesmaids sometimes hold up signboards with lighthearted messages to lift the mood of the image.


3. First Look:
The moment when the groom sees his bride on their wedding day for the first time never fails to delight guests, whether she’s walking down the aisle or its taken in a private ‘first look’ moment before the wedding ceremony. It’s one of the most emotional and spontaneous moments of the whole occasion. Make sure your photographer gets the best positioning for this shot!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.18.49 PM-2

4. Casual Family Group:
These days quite a few people enjoy adding more casual and spontaneous photos of the family, sometimes even without the formal family group shots. We still love traditional formal shots though; it’s so special to have the whole family together in one image as this opportunity doesn’t usually come around very often. We recommend a bit of both!


5. Selfies:
Make sure you have a Selfie Box set up in prime position at the venue, and ensure its well sign posted and lit up so that all of your guests take part. You can either print out photos on site as a special keepsake to give your guests, or ask friends to share them on their social media channels. Just double check that the venue has good WiFi otherwise you can always email the pics to your guests as a ‘thank you’ for sharing their special day with them.

6. Photo Props:
Photo props or photo accessories are a great way to add some fun to your Selfie Box. Use frames, signs, sparklers, feather boas or carnival masks – it’s up to your own imagination.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.27.31 PM

7. Over-Head:
When it comes to the portrait session on the wedding day, it’s all about unusual angles, whether it’s from above or the side. We have a 20ft crane that we use to shoot video from different perspectives. Stretch your imagination to be more creative!

Wedding2 b

8. Back Lit:
Romantic and soft pictures that depend upon carefully considered lighting to add a dreamy feeling to the pictures. Remember that coloured lighting will impact the colour of the photos and in some cases is even quite challenging to edit out, so make sure you plan your lighting correctly with photos and video in mind!


9. Being Spontaneous: 
These days wedding pictures tend to be more about un-posed shots; the more natural poses. We love these shots and its great when couples like to have fun, as this can offer something fresh and modern to their wedding day photography. Make sure your photographer has a good brief, as he’ll always be positioned for these great moments.

_UTA1301 (1)

10. Storytelling: 
All trends come and go, but we believe that the image that tells the story of the day in a moment captured is timeless. Creating a chronological narrative using video that relives the event is also a magical story you’ll never forget!