The perfect gift for daddy!

Not sure what to buy daddy for his birthday - Well look no further as we have the answer, its fun, involves the whole family and we can guarantee that he will cherish it forever!

September 29, 2015 | 6:41 am

We are delighted when are customers share stories about their experience at The Studio Dubai.

Paula is the Co Chief Mum at the number one baby and toddler website in Dubai – She wrote the below story on their blog -SoukTalk, which we share below.

My husband is notoriously difficult to buy for as he never really asks for anything and there’s only so much ‘stuff’ you can buy yet on the top of his wish list is an Aston Martin which isn’t going to happen right now! So this year I thought we would get him a very personal gift – a framed picture of me and the boys!

Samuel is 7 and William is 5 and I can honestly say even though we take so many photos, there isn’t one that I would want to hang on the wall at home. So I decided to call in the professionals – Speed dial The Studio Dubai.

Being so easily located, one afternoon the boys and I snuck off to The Studio Dubai in Al Quoz for a family photography experience. I told the boys it was a work thing rather than a surprise otherwise they would have told daddy straight away!

I always worry about a studio portrait session as they can look over staged and all look a bit similar and with my two boys we needed open space so as they can be who they are and feel relaxed. All these concerns were immediately put to rest because The Studio Dubai has a large area so you don’t feel cramped in a tiny space. The photographer Nikka was great at putting the boys at ease and actually asked them to just “muck” around and enjoy themselves especially as I wanted to create natural shots rather than posed ones. Nikki is very calm and just gets on with the madness while clicking away. Whilst I felt totally out of control at times and a wee bit stressed it never bothered Nikka. However what felt like the most chaotic 40 minutes of my life resulted in some lovely shots of the three of us and some great personality shots of the boys.

Daddies birthday arrives and the boys were delighted to give him his gift which he was over joyed with along with a home made Nigella cake and Williams own cardboard box creation.

A few top tips when visiting The Studio Dubai for a family shoot:

1. Take along some snacks bribery goes along way
2. Take a few different outfit options in case of accidents
3. In terms of what to wear if you don’t want to go the white shirt and denim route the look at choosing outfits in the same tone we always go blue tones
4. Just don’t stress about your children’s behavior if you relax they relax and no one at The Studio is judging you they’ve seen it all before!
5. I found a blow dry made me feel a million times better for the shoot and that extra application of lip gloss.

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By Paula Harrington Co-Chief Mum @

paula-boys website