Ten tips for event photography

We shoot events all the time so we asked our talented photographers to come up with a list of their 10 best tips for shooting event photography.

February 2, 2017 | 7:41 am

There are so many tips we could give to Photographers getting into the event photography business but here are a few top tips to remember next time you get booked for an event:

1. Dress like you belong. Showing up to a clients event in jeans and sneakers when all the guests are in cocktail wear will leave you sticking out like a sore thumb, rather dress smartly in darker colours keeping hair and accessories neat and minimal. Looking smart will help you to show your client that you are taking their event seriously and that you are providing a professional service. 

Event photographer Dubai
Launch event photography

2. Get your kit sorted the day before. Charge all your batteries, clean your lenses and camera body, make sure you have enough memory cards and pack it all into a well padded camera bag.

The last thing you want to be doing when you get to a shoot is realising you don’t have any batteries for your flash or that you don’t have enough memory to finish shooting the event.

3.  Shoot with a variety of lenses. Remember to take a variety of lenses so that you are prepared for any type of shot you might need to get. Using a combination of lenses will give more depth to your collection of photos. A wide angle, a macro or a 50mm and a 24 -70mm will help give you that variety. Add in a telephoto lens if there will be a lot of speeches or presentations.

4. Know how to use you camera and flash. Practice, practice, practice until you can change settings without having to look at your camera display and you know how to adjust your flash for different lighting situations.

Event photography Dubai
Awards Ceremony in Abu Dhabi

5. Check all details with the client. Give the client a call the day before the event and confirm all the information you have. Also, make sure to ask if you will need to have the edit done by a certain deadline or if they want any images for press use.

6. Don’t forget the setup shots. Make sure to get to the event early enough to set up your camera and get some lovely shots of all the event decor and the little details that your client has put a lot of effort into creating for the event. They will have spent money on the look and feel of the event so get some great shots that capture the atmosphere of the event.

7. Be quick and aware of your surroundings. Don’t take too long taking posed photos of groups, do three quick shots and then move on so that they can get back to their conversations. Be aware of whats happening around you and keep moving around so that you get to see different groups of people and new vantage points

8.  Shoot RAW, but get your shots right in camera. Always shoot RAW as sometimes the lighting at events can change suddenly. Having RAW files to edit really helps you keep the image quality high while being able to make quite a few adjustments. Try to get your shots right in camera, this will save you hours of editing time and will really help if you have a short turn around time for the edit.

9. Look for moments to capture. Try to capture special moments during the event, kids playing with parents, friends laughing together, a couple smiling at each other. Moments make the best photos so be on the look out around you.

Outdoor event photography
Sporting Event in Dubai

10. Be creative! Last but certainly not least, be creative, once you have all the standard shots do something fun and creative. Play with longer exposures or get in the middle of the dance floor as long as it still showcases the event and enhances the collection.

Happy shooting  – Jannah & Artur

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