Make Your Profile Standout In 2016

When last did you update your profiles pics?

January 8, 2016 | 10:15 am

Many people initially set up their social accounts, or submit pictures for company intranets, and then forget about them while the years roll over!

 An outdated picture in unprofessional clothing can make people look as though they don’t take their jobs too seriously. This doesn’t help personal career progression, being noticed or considered for promotions.


We’re not saying that the images have to be corporate, some industries are more relaxed and creative in their appearances at work, but either way making an effort and looking professional positively impacts peoples own frame of mind and also those around you. Do you ever think about how you’d like to be perceived in the workplace?


We’ve been getting more requests than ever for corporate portraits from our clients, which means that perception in the workplace is something that’s being taken more seriously.

Here are some tips from our portrait photographer, Jannah Whalley, on what to do when preparing for professional shoots:

  • Dress appropriately to your industry – stick to plain colours that flatter your skin tone, jewel tones are classic and work for most people. Taking off your jacket for a few shots can give you a more informal approachable look. ladies, keep jewellery small and understated. choose fabric that won’t crease or wrinkle before your shoot.
  • Any colours to avoid – avoid black on black, if you’re wearing a black suit make sure to have some colour in your tie or shirt, beige can also wash out most people so stick to stronger colours
  • Retouching – Don’t worry if your teeth aren’t perfect or if you have a spot on your cheek – these things can be fixed in the retouching process
  • Patterns – Avoid ties or shirts with patterns as they tend to be quite distracting, plain clothes in good colours are much more flattering
  • Smile or poses?  Smile with your mouth open slightly, it gives a more approachable look and is much more friendly (practice your smile in the mirror until you are happy), tilt your chin forward and down to reduce the chance of a double chin.

Start 2016 off on a good note by booking a corporate portrait session at The Studio.

In Studio:

1 x photo shoot with 1 x hi-res image for AED250
3 x hi-res images and a studio photo shoot for AED595

On Location

Up to 8 people’s headshots (2 hours) with 2 x different images per person (1 colour and 1 b&w) for AED1,260.  This includes photographer, backdrop, lighting and assistant (if required). If more / less than 8 people our rate of 30% will still apply.

To book call +0971 4 347 1745 or mail us on [email protected]. Our studio is here.

See you soon!