Q&A With Nikka Ampil Our Family Photographer

She is incredibly talented!

September 13, 2015 | 7:30 am

Nikka has worked as a portrait family photographer in Manila & Shanghai and has been photographing families and kids for over 6 years. She especially loves photographing children and new born babies and manages to keep the whole family smiling during her shoots.


Q – What gets you up in the morning?
A – A good cup of coffee.

Q – What makes you give yourself a mental high five?
A – Seeing the family during one of my shoot’s having fun and enjoying themselves.

Q – What helps you stay creative and keeps you inspired?
A – Watching other photographers work and producing amazing photos that wow my clients



Q – Why do you love working and living in the UAE?
A – I get the chance to meet, interact and learn from people who are from different cultures and origins but have the same passions as I do.

Q – What do you love most about a family photo shoot?
A – Seeing the kids enjoying the shoot and giving every family an everlasting captured moment.


TS boy

Q – Can you share any funny experiences from a family shoot?

A – I had a family come in with their two kids for a cake smash shoot for their 1 year old, but turned out that the kid didn’t even want to eat or touch the cake so the older brother decided to eat the cake himself and ended up with the better cake smash photos than the intended kid. In years to come this will surely provide some laughs!

Q – You photograph Mums-to-be with their cute baby bump and also when the baby arrives – how do you make Mum feel comfortable during these shoots and when is the best time for a new born baby shoot?

A – I usually start of by having a good chat with the Mums, making her feel beautiful about her bump and reassuring them that the final photos will look really lovely. 1-to-10 days old would be the perfect time for them, as it is easier to put them in different poses and they are always sleeping!



Q – Can you talk us through a new born baby shoot?

A – Make sure the studio is fully prepared before hand, all props are ready, check the room temperature is perfect (not too cold or too hot), have a discussion with the parents on what they would like and what they are looking for, make sure baby is well fed before the start of the shoot, be sure to give time for short breaks in between (as babies gets tired from the constant changing of poses, hungry too).

Q – What words best describes your photography style?
A – Colorful, bright, happy, simple and not cluttered.

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