Why Are Professional Images Important for Websites?

If a picture speaks a thousand words - It should be an outstanding image every time

June 2, 2016 | 4:27 am

Start-ups who know the importance of a professional, engaging and user friendly websites driven by strong visuals are on the right track. Considering the few precious seconds available to retain the interest of new customer, it’s pretty crucial to make these count – and images play a big part in this.

Marketers spend considerable amount of time directing customers to landing pages to get a new business up and running, so if new customers ‘bounce’ straight away they aren’t going to achieve much.

Studies tell us that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, so the visual elements of the site are really important for information retention and interest in any website. If a picture speaks 1000 words, it should be an outstanding image every time!

Corporate Portrait

The appearance of your website plays a big part in whether people are enticed to stay, have a browse to find what they’re looking for, and then to make an enquiry, booking or purchase. Great images also help to build trust instantly. Customers will immediately decide whether your website is professional or not by looking at just one landing page. This is why it is important to ensure that all of the images on the site are high quality, professionally edited images.

Images are needed for almost every page on the website, from the homepage, to team profile images, product shoots or a collection of work. Each image tells a story and has a value of its own. People don’t focus much on the text and explanations, their time is limited and they want to get an overall impression fast.

Office interior

Arleen Solomon, from Charlotte’s Web sheds more light of the importance of visual elements:

“Sites with images look good, and people enjoy eye-candy, so they’re more likely to browse around. Images are attention-grabbing, so new visitors won’t hit the back button. An eye-catching site impresses prospects, and impressed prospects are more likely to buy. Flashy images show that you’re hip and modern, and people trust hip and modern companies—so you get more sales.

Why do you want an image?

Is it for a web page as a dominant image, a background or a series of images that are part of a gallery? Do you want to use the images for other purposes, such as a letterhead, signage or business cards? Do you want images that can be shot in the studio, such as on a tabletop? Or live on location? All of these factors must be taken into consideration.

What makes a good image?

As for the images themselves, unless your goal is to manipulate images after the fact (all of which takes time and money), it’s a good idea to shoot images that can be easily used afterwards with minimum of editing.

Also, you want images that are sharp, smooth, with good lighting.”

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