Incredible Footage From Nepal

Our Videographer, Ritesh Biswas, Encourages Everyone To Visit Nepal.

September 29, 2015 | 11:33 am

To escape the blazing summer heat in Dubai, we decided to venture to Nepal, in spite of warnings following their recent two devastating earthquakes.

It’s not too far, has always intrigued me, & tourism can really help to contribute towards rebuilding the damage done. I decided to include a little personal project alongside, creating a video montage.  I wanted to document and promote Nepal’s Tourism, which would in return help them to rebuild their country. Here’s the video I created:



After a Fly Dubai flight direct from Terminal 2, we arrived in Kathmandu & headed straight for our hotel, Hotel Shanker.  It’s a  4-star, 150-year-old still standing palace that’s been converted into a hotel. It’s also very close to Thamel, which is the main busy & bustling tourist district of the city.

Tourism has dropped significantly following the earthquakes, and it’s really a shame because the people of Nepal are in such high spirits – always hopeful that things will return to normal. They are the friendliest people I’ve ever met, who’ll happily go out of their way to help you out. Of course you’ll also encounter a few shifty street scammers – I ended up paying NPR 1700 for a sim card for my phone that was suppose to cost only NPR 100!



Following two days in Kathmandu we decided to head out to the Nepali city of Pokhara, which was right at the foot of the Annapurna Himalayan Range. We took the scenic 7-hour bus ride (although also accessible by 30min plane trip). The AC bus makes a few stops along the way, all worth getting out & taking some pics. You will be left awe stuck by the surrounding high green mountains with fast flowing currents of the river flowing to the side. The roads to there might keep you on the edge of the seat most times as there are no barriers blocking ur fall if anything goes wrong. Before you know it 7 hours will pass just like that.



We stayed in Barahi Riverside hotel (4 star) in Pokhara, which has an amazing view of the spectacular Fishtail Mountain peak, and is a short walk from the lake surrounded by local bars and touristy restaurants. No picture or video could ever do the view we had justice; you’d have to be there to experience it.

It’s possible to scale peaks and get better views of the Himalayan mountain ranges from Pokhara, as well as the 3rd & the 4th highest mountain peaks in the world. You should definitely also try out the Paragliding – off one of the mountains and onto the opposite riverbank. It’s around USD 120 and is worth it for the awesome scenery. For the entire trip you will have a pilot strapped to you, so all you have to do is listen to his instructions and enjoy the view! They also supply you with a GoPro to record your entire experience.



There is also a Japanese monastery on top of a mountain with a beautiful pagoda, to get there you’ll need to cross a 2km river in a paddle or row boat and trek a 2000m steep mountain, which is quite bit tiring but worth it! You should also visit the secretive Tibetan monasteries, run by refugees from the Chinese region of Tibet. Here I was really fortunate that the Lama allowed me to take a couple of shots with my camera, which isn’t usually allowed. We stayed here for 3-4 days and headed back to Kathmandu.




Our next adventure took us off to a hilltop tourist village of Nagarkot, which was a 2-hour drive by car. We booked a room in a countryside villa hotel right on the top. Most hotels were still being serviced from the damage caused by the earthquakes so there weren’t too many options but we were happy because the view was one of the best I’ve ever seen – an awe inspiring bed of clouds with mountains peaking out.



Most places in Nepal are well connected with internet & almost every place and even the busses there have WiFi so you’ll never be disconnected during your stay, but in Nagarkot you will forget that your phone & computers even exist. It’s great to stay there if you are travelling as a couple or with friends for not more than a couple of days as aside from the view there’s not too much to do.



Our entire trip for 9 days cost us around AED6000 for 2x people in total. It could have been done for so much cheaper. Each meal for 2 people at a good restaurant comes up to 2000-3000 nepali rupees which is like 20-30 usd. 1 usd = 101 Nepali Rupee.

Airport transfers are around USD 8-10 in Kathmandu private taxi. Taxi’s in the city should not cost you more than USD 4-5 to go anywhere. Only at night the fares are hiked a bit and you would need to negotiate.



Look forward to the next trip!

Ritesh Biswas – Videographer