Get The Most Of Our Selfie Box

Event planners tips to understand the Selfie Box

September 3, 2015 | 10:30 am

You’ve booked the Selfie Box for your event – great! You’re a step closer to creating extra enjoyment for your guests, and now it’s time to learn how to get the most of it:

1. Rule No. 1 – Understand the full functionality of the selfie box

You’ve decided to have an excellent entertainment option at your event, the next step is to spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with the key benefits:

  • The box exterior can be customised to match the look of your event
  • The digital screens and photo frames can be custom branded
  • Collect useful info from your guests such as emails & numbers
  • Use the data to conduct reports & surveys, or to just thank guests for coming!
  • Ask customers to share images or engage with your FB, Twitter and Pinterest page on the easy digital touch screen
  • Print pictures out on site as a great branded souvenir for your guests, or encourage them to take selfies & share the experience on their social channels
  • Interact & engage with customers in new ways
  • Use the amazing green screen! Upload & create any backdrop for your photos

This is us mucking around at the studio:

Selfie box

2. Positioning is really important

Don’t position the selfie box on the fringe areas of the event otherwise people might not even know it’s there. Make sure it’s right in the middle of the action! Think of areas were people are likely to congregate for most of the evening. Equally important is effective signage to encourage people to get involved. Plan out where you’re going to position well punchy, eye catching signs that tell people exactly what they need to do.

3. Use the green screen!

A green screen backdrop adds great value to the photos. You can literally upload and choose any background of your choice whether it be somewhere in sunny Hawaii or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We’ve just chosen one random example to illustrate this point:

Selfie box 1

4. Make the experience amazing 

Consider using promoters, who interact with guests & make sure that they know where the props are. They can be used to generally drive the process along. This is especially helpful if the crowd is missing boisterous individuals & the crowd needs a bit of the nudge to take the first step. Printing our pics onsite will also make people feel excited.

5. Light up the area

Make sure the area is well lit, otherwise the photograph quality won’t look great. This is especially NB when using the green screen.

6. Follow up with your guests

The opportunity to use the data allows you to either thank you for attending, request feedback or info from them or give them a follow on offer / promotion to extend the overall experience.

Any questions? Feel free to give us a ring on +971 4 347 1745 or you can also drop us a line on [email protected].