Corporate Events at The Studio

Capturing the essence of your event - part 1

September 8, 2015 | 9:57 am

Our events team hosted a corporate event at our studio last week. The event included a talk from Louise, our Head of Photography, delicious breakfast canapés kindly provided by our lovely neighbours, The Lime Tree Café, and a complimentary corporate portrait for all those who attended.

The morning was informal & relaxed, with guests arriving for breakfast & a cuppa at 9am, listening to Lou’s insights on ‘Capturing the Essence of An Event’ through videography & photography, and having an opportunity to have a look at our Selfie Box.


What prompted us to create this particular presentation? We’re often asked to capture the essence of an event for our clients, so that they are able to accurately portray the event spirit across multiple channels & stakeholders, & also to have strong images to effectively promote the next event.


The idea of what is ‘authentic’, ‘interesting’ or ‘unique is very subjective, and there are also a whole host of considerations that also need to be taken into account in the planning stages to get this right.

For example, do you need to pre schedule the perfect shot beforehand? You know, the ones that include all the right elements together: the right people, the right backdrop, the right branding, the right aspect of the venue etc. or whether you’re confident that your photographer or videographer be able to capture all of these separate elements altogether during the event itself?


Others considerations include the range of different shots required, the impact of coloured lighting, venue option, the size & scale of the event and also whether you need any value add elements such as GoPros or cranes to get what you need.

We’ll go into these in more details in our next corporate & events blog so stay tuned, and thanks so much to everyone who attended the event!!

To get in touch with our corporate events team, contact Zoey on +971 4 347 1745 or [email protected]