Lewis and Natalie – He Said, She Said

A tale of a chance met, budding romance and a beautiful wedding at Al Qasr Hotel

January 18, 2016 | 8:08 am

Groom-to-be: Lewis Dow
Bride-to-be: Natalie Shepherd


1. When did you get engaged?
Both said: 29 August 2014

2. How did you first meet? 

She said:  I was visiting Scotland on a business trip, and we have a mutual friend who invited us both out for drinks one evening… the rest is history.

He said: A mutual friend of ours (a colleague of Natalie’s) took us out to dinner when Natalie was in the UK for work. Dinner became drinks, drinks became dancing, drinks and dancing became a romantic stroll to the local takeaway at 3am where we discovered our mutual appreciation of food…!



3.What was the moment you realised this was love?

She said:  When Lewis took me to meet his parents for the first time, and I could see how much they meant to him.

He said: We had some amazing time exploring Dubai together when I first arrived, but it wasn’t until we spent our first Christmas back in Scotland that I realized I was in love with Natalie. We were sitting in the conservatory of my parents’ house one night, the lights on the Christmas tree were twinkling, the stars were out, it was freezing cold and frosty outside and we were cuddled up on the sofa under the blanket just laughing and smiling and enjoying each other’s company for hours.


4. What is the most memorable date you’ve had?

She said:  Our first date was amazing. Lewis took me to walk the cliffs around Dunnottar Castle in Scotland, before we ate Fish & Chips out of paper, and a deep-fried Mars Bar in the rain. A real Scottish date!!

He said: I think one of the best dates we had was when we were travelling Australia. At that point I had waited all my life to visit Sydney and we planned a whole day together climbing the harbour bridge, having cocktails at the opera house and a romantic dinner after a long stroll along the waterfront. It was one of the best days of my life and it wouldn’t have been the same without Natalie to share it with.



5. What quality do you most admire about the other person?

She said:  Lewis is very intelligent. I love that he is also very modest about it, which is endearing.

He said: Natalie has so many admirable qualities; she’s intelligent and charismatic with a great sense of humor, but for me, her most admirable quality is actually her dedication to building a great life for us. No matter how busy she is and how demanding her schedule may be, she always has one eye on planning our short and medium term future so we always have quality time and exciting trips together to look forward to.



6. How would you describe the style of your wedding?

She said:  Our wedding will bring the wonderful history of Scotland to the sunshine of Dubai, with all things Scottish, in a romantic beach setting.

He said: A wonderful mix of beach chic and traditional, with the groomsmen wearing traditional highland dress and the blessing being conducted right on the shoreline.


7. What has been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?
She said:  I really loved planning the 4 course menu. Al Qasr Hotel prepared Haggis, a traditional Scottish dish, as part of the menu, and we received huge compliments for the chef for how it was prepared.

He said: The meal. It’s almost worth having another wedding just to do the menu tasting at Al Qasr again…!


8. What has been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?
She said: The cake table! We are both big foodies, as well as a 3 tier wedding cake, we also ended up with Cake Pops & Cup Cakes made by The Cake Heaven, which were amazing.

He said: Who makes the grandest entrance…! My suggestion of the groomsmen arriving onshore on a fleet of jet skis was met with a look of incredulous disapproval…! One of many in the last year…!


9. What do you look most forward to: the wedding day or the honeymoon?

She said:  The Wedding Day. Having the opportunity to celebrate our marriage, with all our friends and family flying in from the UK, together with the great friends we have made here in Dubai is the best feeling.

He said: Tough question…! The honeymoon is booked and I am so excited to travel to the Seychelles to make incredible memories and celebrate our union, but the wedding day will be the only time both of our extended families are in Dubai with us at the same time. That is more significant for both of us.

10. What will be the most unique detail at your wedding ceremony/reception?

She said:  As well as having Haggis, we also had a Piper play bagpipes for the procession and recession. It was wonderful to hear the gentle melody of the bagpipes against the sound of the waves from the beach.

He said: Natalie put so much effort into organizing all the special little things that come together to make the wedding unique; the lighting, handmade signposting, table decorations, wishing willow etc. are all products of her own imagination. But I think having the actual blessing on the beach will be unique to the majority of guests who are coming from the UK. I’m not sure there has ever been a beach wedding in Scotland…!


11. What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?

She said:  Arriving at the ceremony and later arriving at the Evening Reception, and seeing all of our plans come together.

He said: The tenderloin…! J And of course seeing my beautiful bride having the best day of her life.

12. How do  you feel now the wedding is all over?

She said:  Really happy and content that the day went perfectly. We could not have wished for it to have gone any better than it did. We’re looking forward to seeing our photos from The Studio, so we can be reminded of all the fantastic memories.

He said: The day is such an emotional high that inevitably there is a low once the dust has settled. I’m sad to see our families leaving and the celebrations drawing to an end but also excited to take our first steps in the world as a married couple.

13. What are your honeymoon plans?

She said:  We are both keen divers, so we will be heading to the Seychelles.

He said: Cocktails, diving, trekking, cocktails, seafood, cocktails, sun-tanning and cocktails in the Seychelles…!!! J Thank you so much to all of our generous guests who contributed to our honeymoon fund, we can finally make it to paradise now.

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