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Little Italy in Al Quoz

February 8, 2016 | 2:06 pm

On first glance Al Quoz seems like just another sandy industrial area full of factories and warehouses. However, upon visiting, you will discover it is a gold mine of unique art galleries, urban eateries, coffee shops and even cinemas.


There something quite unique about Al Quoz. It is a more raw part of Dubai where nothing is sugar coated and everything feels much more natural and authentic. This is where the creative community seems to find solace in Dubai.

We recently visited Al Quoz Arts Festival at Al Serkal Avenue, which seems to be the art hub of Al Quoz. The exhibition included live art, murals, workshops, film screenings, gallery openings and live music created by local talents. Quite simply, it was food for the soul.


The exhibition gives a much-needed boost to locally based artists and other talented individuals by allowing them to exhibit and promote their works at a public space that will accommodate many interested viewers.

A string of urban street food vendors lined the avenues to provide hip, healthy dishes in the outdoor environment. There were plenty of interesting things to see and do.




Just across the road from Al Serkal Avenue you will find The Courtyard which is known as the ‘Little Italy’ of Dubai. It like having a beautiful piece of Europe right in the middle of Al Quoz. The façades are painted in authentic tones of soft umber, yellow, beige, pink and blues.

courtyard 3

There’s a water feature running down the length of The Courtyard, interspersed with green plants, colourful flowers and fountains cheerfully sprouting droplets throughout the day. When you venture inside you will find an array of unique retail and artistic spaces such as The Courtyard Playhouse and even a book exchange.

courtyard 1

In the corner you will find The Studio tucked away which is where the magic happens! We have two spacious studio spaces that are available for hire for all types of events.


Feel free to pop in to say hello!

If you are looking for studio hire, here are our special rates for February:

Studio Hire Only
Half Day (up to 5 hours): AED 1,200 (was AED 1,500)
Full Day (up to 10 hours): AED 1,500 (was AED 2,000)

Studio Hire with Photographer
Half Day (up to 5 hours): AED 4,250 (was AED 5,000)
Full Day (up to 10 hours): AED 6,500 (was AED 8,000)
Includes: Basic editing, all hi-res & lo-res images

Studio Hire with Videographer
Half Day (up to 5 hours): AED 5,100 (was AED 6,500)
Full Day (up to 10 hours): AED 8,000 (was AED 9,500)
Includes: 1 min highlight edit, library music, one round of changes