3 Reasons To Love The Photo Booth

Why do people enjoy engaging with photo booths?

July 1, 2015 | 9:54 am

Why do people enjoy engaging with photo booths? Because people are visual & social beings, drawn to engaging images that make them feel happy, excited and connected!

Having a photo booth at an event has a lot of benefits, here are just a few:

1. Additional Element of Fun

Guests like to be entertained, and photo booths are fantastic for providing some extra energy & excitement to your celebration – be it a party, anniversary, wedding or any other type of celebration. Photo booths work best with a variety of cool & crazy props that allow people to bring out their natural creativity and feel happy.

 2. Connecting People 

Having a central activity always helps your guests to connect to each other at the event.  Whether older or young, everyone likes getting involved and sharing the content on social channels. Photo booths sync and upload images to your pages so that you can easily share the ‘good times!’. You can also print out your pictures onsite, to instantly share with friends and family!

 3. Get Personal

Photo booths can track information – like recording names, numbers, specific questions or anything you’d like to store. Whether personal or professional, you can use data to create a memorable account of the event, or to follow up with people who were there at a later stage.

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